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2018 is beginning with a bang!

It's been an exciting year so far - already sent SPINNERS to points around the lower 48, Canada and our first SPINNER to Hungary

Curious - had 3 inquiries so far this year from folks who wondered if I was still in business? Are you kidding? As long as I am in control of LIFE SPINNERS, they will be here on my website. When you DON'T see SPINNERS on my website, you'll know somebody bought me out.

BTW - you're not alone in finding this website. I'm averaging 300+ views a month! Don't be afraid to say hi - all my contact info is below.

In the meantime, all recent orders have been filled and we're back to standard inventories. If you're ready to order, we're ready to ship. ENJOY!

Since 2005, the LIFE SPINNER has been the pewter life counter of choice for MTG players. In 2011 I had the opportunity to tweak the design and improve the original by working with my manufacturer in New York to offset the numbers a bit more, making it even easier to read at a glance.

We tried to run a KickStarter a few years back to create two different versions [the brass protos were freaking amazing!], but we fell short. :-(   Still looking for a CAD wizard to work with my manufacturer - perhaps we'll be able to take it to the next level someday... but in the meantime - check us out!

This is the backside of the Spinner piece. 
With the new staggered numbers, your life total is easier to read. The number ring reads from 1-30 on Side 1 and from 31-60 on the back side.

This fine-pewter LIFE SPINNER is the ultimate Life Counter for use with MTG. Designed for you to customize by adding your favorite miniature, since their release in 2005, these counters were only available at specialized game conventions. Originally showcased by Rancored_Elf on MTGSalvation, they were the subject of a podcast by YO! MTG TAPS! [episode #26]. With the launch of the official TERRAN GAMES website, these counters are now available to the MTG, WoW, VS and other CCG communities at large [OK, and some RPGers who just can't get enough pewter everything]. 

SPECIAL NOTE TO EVENT ORGANIZERS:  scroll to the bottom.

My LIFE SPINNER was a revolutionary pewter design in Life Counters back in 2005, but is now the standard for functional, customizeable life counters that make a statement as opposed to being just another app on your phone. Useable with MTG, WoW, VS and any other CCG requiring you keep track of your life total, the LIFE SPINNER is a complete departure from older style pewter counters which featured nibs and holes that didn’t always match up with the numbers. With nothing ‘hidden’ from your opponent, they are not prone to be ‘knocked’ a number or two easily like older designs.

Instead, the LIFE SPINNER features a unique Life Lock Design that points to the numbers, is easily readable and can’t be easily tipped. The outer number ring has a 30 pointed star on the inside, and the spinner that fits snugly inside is flat (with a large arrow imbedded into it for painting) so that you can put your favorite miniature on it. The inside SPINNER is designed to hold any mini with a base the size of a quarter or smaller.

Choose your own style in the ring! The LIFE SPINNER allows you to completely customize your personal gaming experience. Simply attach your favorite 25mm metal miniature, 2” figure or any object that represents you to your opponent. To check if your miniature base will fit the SPINNER properly, simply put it on top of a quarter - if it doesn't lap over the edge of the quarter it will fit perfectly! In the photos above you see two of my personal LIFE SPINNERs – my Jabberwock and my Wolverine. The Jabberwock is Super glued. I soldered the BATTLETECH miniature [OK, the soldering wasn't that great].

With the numbers running from 1 – 30 on the front side, you won’t find yourself flipping the Life Spinner as often as you do with older pewter styles. The 31 – 60 range on the back supports average MTG Life Decks - and gamers using the WoW or VS system will find this just right as well!

For best results in attaching your figure, I suggest Super Glue Gel (available at any $! store) or soldering (for metal figurines only - duh!). Acrylic paint is easiest for highlighting the pointer and the numbers on the ring. Simply paint heavily into Number Ring or the triangle on the Inside Spinner, allow it to dry and wipe off the excess with a fingernail. You don’t even have to paint them at all (I just think they look cooler).

If you are a good painter, or have a particularly cool mini and would like to showcase your personal LIFE SPINNER, please feel free to send me your picture - I post pics from owners periodically on the website. Bragging rights? You betcha!

PAINTING TIPS! The old SPINNERS had the bare legal lead content in them - the new ones have NO lead in them at all. The new manufacturer uses NO lead in his pewter. *NOTE* IMPORTANT FOR PAINTERS - if you wish to paint the new SPINNERS you must use some sort of primer, or you have no idea how the paint will adhere.

The LIFE SPINNER is a 2 piece unit, which includes the SPINNER base and number ring only. These do not come in a fancy package or box. They come straight from the designer [me] unadorned by fancy wrappings and cardboard dressing. And they're made right here in the USA. 

Bad news for 2018 - USPS upped their rates again this year. Sorry, kids.

LIFE SPINNERs sell for the following:
  Lower 48: $26 postpaid to the lower 48.
     Canada: $32 postpaid.
Worldwide: $40 postpaid.
SPECIAL NOTE: [due to many requests] now offering an extra inner piece!
EXTRA INNER PIECE: Add $8 for each additional Inner Piece.

If you need more than one, or need a bunch for Tournament Prizes for a special event, please contact me personally for details! Whenever ordering more than 1 LIFE SPINNER, ALWAYS ask for special postage discounts. I'd like to make ordering easier, but unfortunately, I'm not a website wizard - this blog space is the best I can do. Bottom line is - I will work with you. Just email me directly-     

I've shipped these puppies all over the globe! We'll find a way to get you yours.

EVENT ORGANIZERS:  If you would like to feature LIFE SPINNERS as part of your prize packages, please contact me directly -

TESTIMONIALS: Here's a testimonial from Aric Jack of MOZU PRODUCTIONS who uses LIFE SPINNERS as prizes at events he puts on [among other things] with pictures of SPINNERS he's produced.
   I have been a proud owner of a TERRAN GAMES LIFE SPINNER for almost 3 years.
   As a player of multiple TCGs in the past 16 years I’ve never owned a better life counter. The ability to modify the SPINNER to make it personally mine was a key point in my initial purchase. Also, the unique inner dial and teeth make the SPINNER perfect for excited gamers, never slipping into a value that isn’t correct. For those that have played these types of games, you know how important it is to not be able to accidently change a life or damage total.
   My use of the LIFE SPINNER has not stayed purely personal. After seeing mine, friends and fellow gamers became interested in them as well. Originally I began to make some modified SPINNERS as gifts or raffles at various tournaments that I ran at a local game store. This later expanded to employees of gaming companies that I know wanting one that would represent their game. Recently I have become more public in the selling of the modified SPINNERS, by offering them for sale on my Facebook page here-
   I could talk about the LIFE SPINNERS from TERRAN GAMES for quite awhile, but letting the product speak for itself in pictures is even better, so here are a few examples of what I have been able to do. I hope that I am able to continue working with TERRAN GAMES and its owner, Chester Hendrix, for a long time. Thank you.
   Aric Jack             MOZU PRODUCTIONS        Tucson, AZ

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PRODUCT NOTES: This pewter life counter is made from Fine Grade Pewter (and now contains NO lead content!). The outer ring counts from 1-30 on one side and from 31-60 on the other. The outside diameter is now 2 and 5/8 ". 
Proudly manufactured right here in the USA, by PERTH PEWTER. If you need help finding cool minis to put on your LIFE SPINNER, you can find them here:

Have Questions? Email me directly -

And if you're just curious - you can call me at home - 530-741-1177 - and I'll be happy to talk to you. I'm not some big company guy - I'm just one dude in California who got lucky one day with an awesome idea that's been #1 for over a decade. Been playing MTG since Antiquities came out. If that dates me, so be it. Bottom line is - I get it.

More cool pics, showing the staggered numbers!