Gods Along the Nile

GODS ALONG THE NILE is a card-driven game based on the many colorful gods of ancient Egypt. Each card represents one of 54 different gods and the three most important aspects [represented by icons] that each God represented. Each player represents a Temple Priest and starts with 3 cards, 5 scarabs [money], and a player card referred to as the TEMPLE. Each turn, players draw one or two cards, which are played to that player’s Temple. The card icons determine where they may be placed on the Temple in order to maximize sets of Canopic Jars. For each matching icon you receive one Scarab. For each SET of Scarabs you receive 2, 3, or 4 Jars. At the end of each of the three rounds of play, for each set of four different Jars - you gain one Pharaoh. Rounds stop when the deck is emptied or three cards with special CHAOS icons are showing. At the end of the game, the Priest with the most Pharaohs wins.
The game is designed for 2-4 players, but comes with 15 extra cards and an extra Temple to add a 5th player.
TEMPLE CARDS: five 8.5 x 11 boards (shown at right)
DECK: 72 cards
BITS: (we use cool beads – you’ll love them)
100 Scarabs
36 Blue Jars
24 White Jars
24 Green Jars
24 Red Jars
24-single Pharaohs markers
10-five Pharaoh markers
EXPANDABLE: a 5 Player variant (items already included):
15 extra cards

    GODS ALONG THE NILE is $50 postpaid to the lower 48

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