Express Line

A dice and card game using Railroad logos [listed alphabetically above - how many can you name?]. No statistics - just fun! Designed for 3-10 players, EL gets better the more people that play. Appropriate for the entire family, ages 10 and up.
  • Six specialty dice
  • 183 card deck
  • Scoresheets
  • Rulebook
  • Sample Turn folder
  • Licensing Acknowledgments and Historical website folio
The dice and cards show 32 different Railroad Logos which regulate play. Each player represents a Tycoon chosen at random. Each Tycoon has unique play abilities and victory conditions. The object is to reach your maximum Rolling Stock points.

There are 5 categories of Rolling Stock. You begin with one Agent and may acquire more - Agents allow you to take Points from your competitors. Every turn, each Tycoon rolls the dice and draws/plays cards to earn more Points. Cards can be saved to hire more Agents or used against your opponents to take Points. Playing time is 1 - 4 hours depending on how many players you have. 3-4 players takes 1-1.5 hours [less for experienced players], while 10 players is more of a party atmosphere that can go for up to 4 hours[again-usually much less for experienced players].

This Limited Edition printing is strictly limited to 100 numbered copies. When they’re gone - they’re gone!

EXPRESS LINE is available for $70 postpaid. Please inquire first before ordering.

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