Eagles and Kings

Eagles & Kings Game
A chess-style game with 20 pieces per side, secret / variable set-up. 2 players, ages 8 and up.
  • Standard chessboard
  • 40 pieces
Based on E. R. Burroughs' Chessmen of Mars' (Jetan). I made a set of the original game Burroughs used as a plot device for the book and quickly discovered the design was flawed - 99% of all games ended in a draw. Not much fun. As I changed and clarified the rules to make the game competitive and fun, I soon hit upon the idea of dropping the specialized board and introducing secret set-up.

No longer using the 10x10 square board, EAGLES & KINGS uses a standard chessboard. With 20 pieces per side, this leaves 4 pieces in the third rank. Set-up for each player is done in secret. This makes each game potentially unique, as each player can place any of his pieces anywhere within the first 3 ranks.

EAGLES & KINGS comes with rules, examples of play and 20 pieces [uncolored so you can paint them in any color scheme you like].

EAGLES & KINGS is $20 postpaid in the lower 48.

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