Caractor Match

Caractor Match Game

CARACTOR MATCH is a fun, fast-paced card game where players try to match colorful symbols to make pairs. Make your pairs the quickest and win!
Each turn, players choose to draw cards from the deck or take the discard pile, make pairs, discard and pass the turn. Each symbol appears on three different cards. Each card has two different symbols. Easy enough for children to play and elegant enough for adults to enjoy.

All the rules fit on one card [reproduced below].

CARACTOR MATCH is available for $14 postpaid in the lower 48.

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The symbols on the cards are ‘caractors’ from the ‘Anthon Transcript’. These symbols were copied by Joseph Smith directly from the golden plates of the Book of Mormon onto a piece of paper he gave to Martin Harris. Martin took the writing sample to a language expert in New York named Charles Anthon in February 1828. 
Eventually, Martin passed the paper on to Oliver Cowdery, who passed it on to David Whitmer some twenty years later. David Whitmer’s papers - which included the printer’s manuscript of the Book of Mormon and the Anthon Transcript - eventually passed into the hands of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (today known as the Community of Christ), and is protected in their vaults to this day.
This amazing piece of paper - only 8 by 3 inches - containing the curious ‘caractors’ copied directly by the hand of the Prophet Joseph Smith from the golden plates, represents a unique link to the golden plates. This one piece of paper gives us a glimpse of the plates as they were handled by Joseph and the Witnesses of the Book of Mormon. We refer to the letters and symbols as ‘caractors’ because at some point in history, someone wrote the word ‘Caractors’ on the paper. The word as spelled conveys a personality to the document that seems appropriate.
To everyone who reveres the Book of Mormon, this unique document continues to fascinate. Many painters, artists and movie producers have copied the ‘caractors’ into various types of media. Using the ‘caractors’ as symbols in a game intended for LDS audiences is a natural evolution as the LDS community continues to find new and different ways to express our shared heritage. 
I hope you enjoy playing this game as much as I enjoyed creating it. CARACTOR MATCH is a TERRAN GAMES design with additional graphics provided by Mike Drysdale of KEYSTONE GAMES, LLC, and is the 'Ambassador Game' of the ZION GAME DESIGNERS INTERNATIONAL - a group of LDS game designers.

CARACTOR MATCH is one of a series of games based on my MATCH GAME system. Watch for other versions of this great little game system.