Art Deco

An Inheritance game for two to seven players

Your Great Aunt Hattie has passed away and named you in her will. All she left behind was a bank account and her collection of ART DECO prints from the 1920’s. Aunt Hattie was a bit eccentric - and created a game for her inheritors. If you want your share, you’ll have to play! Inheritors start with a stake from the bank, and continually draw money from the pool to bid on Art Prints until most have been won. Each print is assigned points. The Inheritor who gains the most points takes home the entire collection - and the balance of the bank!

You can read FATHER GEEK'S excellent review here:

The expansion [LOST COUSINS] that allows for a 6th and 7th player is now included in the full deck for sale at the THE GAME CRAFTER.
Here is a sample of the first edition. As we discovered almost all gamers have their own dice and chips, we only sell the cards now [that cut the price in half and made many of our customers happy]. The rule book is now printed on cards tat come with the deck as well.
You'll need WHITE and RED chips...
...and BLUE and GREEN chips.
A card box from the first edition.
Game play is simple. Top card of the deck is revealed, players roll the dice. High roller pays the bank the difference between his [high] roll and the player who rolled lowest. So - if I roll and '8' and my opponent rolls a '3' I have to pay 5 chips. Losers each get 1 chip, winner gets the card. If high rollers tie [both roll a '5' for example], The card is put into the discard pile and all rollers get double the high number rolled in chips - in this example, both players get 10 chips.
A close up of the GREEN 5 card and the front page of the rulebook. 
Here are some close ups of the different cards. There are five color groups [distinguished by the point icons] and the WILD CARDS. The color groups are RED, BLUE, GREEN, PURPLE and Orange. 
 Here are some close ups of the cards and dice [and poker chips] you'll need to play the game.

You should have these around the house.
You'll need a pair of D6 dice and four D8 dice.

You'll need five D10 dice.

  •  A ninety [90] card deck of ART DECO prints - rules are included on the cards. 
    • The full deck now has between 2 and 5 point cards for the 2 Player game all the way up to 12 point cards for up to 7 Players. Color cards are arranged into five color groups, or sets. There are an extra 15 Wild Cards in the deck have no points on them [for the two player game, only use five].
  •   Two D6 [two player]
  •   Four D8 [3 or 4 players]
  •   Five D10 [5 players]
  •  Poker chips [50 each- White, Red, Blue, Green]
ART DECO is $19.99 and available at

go to where ART DECO is for sale.
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